Online BASIC watercolor course

⚫️ Hello friends!

This course is in English and great for everyone who would like to learn how to draw watercolors, gain a lot of inspiration from nature forms during the process and explore something new and exiting! If you drew loooooong time ago and want to feel confident again – this course will definitely help you!

The course consists of 12 video lessons with feedback – you always can write while accomplishing them, send to me your progress and receive my comment and recommendations! These lessons are an ultimate pack to start drawing even if you are a complete beginner or don’t have a systematic art education,.

People of any age are welcome to join! If you have any doubts about your drawing level – do not hesitate to contact me! If you never held a brush in your arms or think that you “don’t have a talent”, come – and gain knowledge and defeat your fears! Remember that I have an online advanced classes as well, so the sky is the limit!

My watercolor lessons go in blocks. Each block consists of 4 lessons and dedicated for a particular subject, to make learning process productive and logical.

The cost for 4 lessons block is 14 000 HUF, and in case of purchasing the lessons separately the cost of a lesson is 3 500 HUF. And yes, you can buy these lessons separately.

In case if you don’t have your set of watercolors yet, brush or paper – I highly recommend you to contact me before purchasing any art supplies, so I will send you a FREE guideline how to choose right paint, brush and paper.

During FIRST block you will learn about BASICS in watercolor:

⚫️ Basic watercolor techniques
⚫️ Composition basics, negative space (Part 1)
⚫️ Unit of measurement
⚫️ Composition basics – how to make your drawing speak (Part  2)

During SECOND block you will learn about COLOR in watercolor:

⚫️ What is the Color and why it is ruled by the Tone
⚫️ Color theory
⚫️ Tertiary and complimentary colors, color mixing
⚫️ Pigments and their logic

During THIRD block you will learn about LIGHT in watercolor:

⚫️ From general to details basic
⚫️ Light and shadow. Materials and textures Part 1.
⚫️ Reflections, Highlights, Colored light. Materials and textures Part  2
⚫️ Mastering the volume illusion with light

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch!