online watercolor course

⚫️ Hello friends!

This course is in English and great for those who prefer to keep social distancing but still study and practice arts! Theory and practice will go hand in hand on my lessons, to make your experience joyful and complete.  

We will have a LIVE ONLINE session each Wednesday at 6PM for hour and half (chat is available and you can ask questions right away). Next day I upload the high quality video that you will be able to see during all course as many times as you wish.

People above 14 years old are welcome to join! If you have any doubts about your drawing skills – do not hesitate to contact me! This course doesn’t require high level of watercolor technique but you have to be familiar with basics of composition and color theory. Remember that I have a Basic course available ONLINE as well, which is perfect for those who have had a long break in drawing practice as well as for the complete beginners.

My watercolor lessons go in blocks. Each block consists of 4 lessons and is dedicated for a particular subject, to make learning process productive and logical. On the last lesson we have a small exam to make sure that all information has been understood correctly. Between the lessons everyone will have access to a FB group chat where all students are welcomed to ask questions, send homework and receive a feedback.

The cost for 4 ONLINE lessons block is 12 000, and in case of purchasing the lessons separately the cost of a lesson is 3 000 HUF (without a chat in this case).

In case if you don’t have your set of watercolors yet, brush or paper – I highly recommend you to contact me before purchasing any art supplies, so I will send you a FREE guideline how to choose right paint, brush and paper!

During AUGUST-SEPTEMBER we will draw about Magical creatures in watercolor

26th of August ⚫️ Owl from Harry Hotter part 1
2th of September ⚫️ Owl from Harry Hotter part 2
9th of September ⚫️ Dragon part 1 
16th of September ⚫️ Dragon part 2

If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch!