About me

I am a watercolor artist based in Budapest. Since my early ages I loved technologies and experiments and even wanted to become a spaceman, but later I discovered a space on Earth. The name of it is Art.

I admire both nature and technologies. All these amazing creations – man made or not – show almost indefinite variations of forms, colors and most important constructions.

New theme in my research is the fluorescent watercolor that glows in the black light and allows to add additional layers of meaning into the composition and create hidden secrets in the painting. Before I explored anaglyph watercolor which has never been made before in this manner. I use the possibilities of anaglyph principle to develop the composition of each work and to tell a story through it.

I love to work on the edge of classical attention to details and modern methods of visual expression.



  • Solo pop-up show at Menta Terasz, Hungary, Budapest
  • “UnTraditional”, József Attila Theater, Hungary, Budapest
  • Botanical illustration, giclee prints exhibition at Fabric coffee shop and art studio, Hungary, Budapest


  • “Living Color”,  Russian Cultural Center, Hungary, Budapest


  • “Familiar fruit of unfamiliar plants”, Museum of Spices, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • “Colour of Life”, Miroedova Artplace, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.



  • Festival d’Art sacré de Senlis, Senlis, France


  • Urban Sketchers Budapest Kiállítás at the Óbudai Kulturális, Turisztikai és Információs Pont , Budapest, Hungary
  • “UN SEUL GRAIN DE RIZ” at the METANOIA Gallery, Paris, France WON Monte Dei Fiori Prize
  • Parizsi gallery, Urban sketchers Budapest exhibition, Budapest, Hungary


  • Colour your mind, Mira!, Budapest, Hungary
  • Urban Sketchers Budapest “Csoport Kiállítás” at the Székely Lakásgalériá, Budapest, Hungary
  • “UN SEUL GRAIN DE RIZ” at the METANOIA Gallery, Paris, France


  • OVER THE TOP ART AUCTION, MAWA, Winnipeg, Canada.


  • Wake up Day, ETAGI Loft Project, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • It’s time to draw, Ziferburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • Boomfest comics festival, Centre for Art and Music of the Vladimir Mayakovsky Library, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • Wake up Day, SKOROHOD Loft Project, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • Women & Wine, Art Bar Tonet, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.


  • Freedom. Goal. Origin, Smolny Palace, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • Posters for Shortfilms Festival, LENDOK, Saint-Pesersburg, Russian Federation.
  • Art with a Degree, Bar Grey’s, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • What’s at the Bottom of a Bottle?, Art Bar Tonet, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • Iconic, BIBLIOTEKA art space, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • Illustration Day, ETAGI Loft Project, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.


  • Gogol: life and books, State Library named after N. Gogol, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.
  • Potato Face, ERARTA Museum of contemporary art, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation.


  • Born in 1989 in Leningrad, Russian Federation.
  • Lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Lives and works in Budapest, Hungary.


  • 2006 – 2012
    Repin St. Petersburg State Academy Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
    Master of Fine Arts in History of Arts (Phenomenon of Game in Art and Culture)