Sketch everything everywhere!

Classes take a place each Sunday at 10 am. That is a great opportunity to explore the city, learn how to draw from a scratch and meet like-minded people. We have a student group chat on Messenger where each Wednesday I announce the place and topic for the next class. Fell free to write me a message so I will add you to our club!

It will be 4th year I run urban sketching classes in Budapest. It is good for complete beginners and for those who want to feel more confident in sketching from life. Everyone above 16 yo are welcome (if you are younger but want to join – write me a message and let’s see what we can do)! On each class I do a step by step demonstration and then assist every student in their art process. Focus of the most of our classes is watercolor sketching.

Urban sketching classes are 2 hours long, and take place either on the open air in the city, or (due weather conditions) we go to cafes, museums and covered public places. I always notify about the weather conditions and care about comfort of my students 🙂

The price is 5000 HUF per occasion and can be paid by cash or transfer.

Join our friendly sketching community and start to create your Budapest Sketchbook now!