Pricing and how to order

It is possible to order custom made artwork too! Here I wrote a small guidance for you to explain the process and navigate through the prices.

Step one. The idea.

First of all imagine what would you like to have, because my pricing is mostly based on the size of the artwork and how detailed it is. For example, portraits, here you can see approximate prices for works of different sizes. Keep in mind, that prices are flexible and we can agree on more or less details.

The biggest size that I offer at the moment is 70×50 (243€) and the smallest 15,5×20 – 67€. Also possible to make unusual shapes – like a square or a circle (not more than 50cm however, and the tiniest is 10 cm) contact me and I’ll be glad to discuss all possibilities.

sizes and prices

Step two. Making sure we understand each other.

After we agree about the size and details, I’ll ask you to send me few photos of the person (if it is a portrait and the person cannot/don’t want to pose) or place (if it is a landscape, cityscape or anything like that), or any other things related to the future painting.

What is important? Of course the best is when I receive good quality photos with a natural not direct light, tho if you don’t have anything like that, don’t be upset. It’s great when I can see the person/building from slightly different angles. I can change the light, clothes, surroundings, jewelry, make up – like anything! Tho photos should give me understanding of how our subject look like in real reality.

Based on our talk and photos I’ve been provided I make small drafts WITHOUT details, to clarify what is where, which size and what color. I also can attach some photos that I’ll use to create imaginary elements. Consider that these drafts are NOT rock solid what it will b, but more a navigation. As only while working on a painting it is possible to see which line belongs where. It is more like: “The dog will be in the center, plants with big leaves and some snails on them are around”.

After we agree about the sketch and the deadline I require 50% non refundable pre payment (of course you will receive an invoice!), you transfer the second part when you receive finished artwork. About the deadline – please ask me about my availability at the moment. In case of urgent commissions I can ask for additional fee.

I love when there is a room for imagination and I can boost the photo I was given, so if you wish some extras – I’m totally up to it. I believe that trust and communication are the keys for a successful creative process.

Step three. Taking artwork home

After the painting is accomplished you can either personally pick it up in Budapest, Hungary, or I can ship it to you as well (we can discuss all options and find the best one for you)

So do not hesitate to get in touch here you can find my CONTACTS